Chef's Table

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                                        Exciting News

Good day to all of our loyal patrons and friends.  The Chef's Table family would like to thank you for your years of loyalty to our restaurant.  Since September 12, 2009, we have had our doors open to you and have welcomed everyone as our friends.  As I'm sure many of you know, the Chef's Table is owned and operated by George and Ruth Ann Dieffenbach.  Most of you have all spoke to George at some point or other, as he loves to come by and check on the customers to make sure everyone is happy.   You have probably seen Ruth Ann coming out of the kitchen from doing dishes or checking in with the servers to make sure your entire dining experience was perfect.   The Dieffenbach family cherishes every moment we have shared with our Chef's Table family.  We appreciate you allowing us to be apart of your special occasions, from romantic Valentine's Day dinners to your family gatherings and parties.  It has been an honor to share those precious memories with you. 


Every day that we have got to see a smile on your face has been a successful day for us.  All of us at the Chef's Table have enjoyed serving each and every meal to you over the last six years.  With that said, it is time for us to say goodbye.  George and Ruth Ann have decided that it is time for them to sit back, relax, and give retirement a try.  We truly appreciate your patronage and loyalty that you have given us.  We have made many friends and have enjoyed every minute of it.  


The obvious reason so many of you have continued to support the Chef's Table is because of the exquisite and delicious food prepared by the talented Chef John. With that said, your favorite part about the Chef's Table isn't going anywhere.  That's right; Chef John and his lovely wife Cheryll are taking over!  Your favorite Chef John will still prepare your favorite dishes at your favorite lunch and dinner spot!  


John and Cheryll are excited to start a new chapter in their lives and live the dream of owning a restaurant.  June 20th, 2015 will be George and Ruth Ann's final day of owning and operating Chef's Table.  The restaurant will then be temporarily closed until it's official opening under the ownership of John and Cheryll on July 1st, 2015.  John and Cheryll will be making some modifications and changes to the décor and menu, giving the establishment more of an Italian flavor.  On July 1st, Chef John and Cheryll will open their doors as Mangia Qui (mon-Ja Key), Italian Bistro. (Although July 1st is the official opening date of Mangia Qui, don't be surprised if you see that OPEN sign on before then.)  Mangia Qui translates to Eat Here, which we know we will be doing, and hope that you do the same!  As you enter this Italian bistro, you will recognize the same friendly staff and servers who will be happy to see you!  We hope to continue to see our Chef's Table friends and make new friends while dining at Chef John and Cheryll's Mangia Qui, Italian Bistro!


Again, all of us from the Chef's Table family want to truly thank you for the last six years.  You have all had such an impact on our lives and we thank you for that.  We hope that you will show the new Mangia Qui family the same support that you gave us.  And don't worry, the Dieffenbach family will still be around.  One of the perks of retirement is having the free time to go out and enjoy great local restaurants, and what better a place to start than Mangia Qui!  


Warmest Regards,

George, Ruth Ann, and Michael Dieffenbach